Anonymous Divorce was a side project recorded back in 2007 in one day. Cole Martinez on geetar, John CPRC on drums, Jim Fellahean providing noises, and Makita barking out things. 

‚ÄčElectro Static Orchestra was an experimental and collaboration noise project of Jim Fellahean, Steve Makita, and Chris Dodge.  ESO's album "A Healthy Diet of Broken Glass" was released on Love Earth Music in 2010 (LEM-38). 

Apartment 213 4 track demos were recorded before 'Cleveland Power Violence' lp. 

RAZORWIRE was a side project of Meketa (Vox), Etchell (Drums) and Rositano (Guitars, Bass). 

  • She Sells Sex2:41

  • Track 10:20
  • Track 60:12
  • Track 200:15
  • Track 210:38

  • Track 10:18

  • Track 15:38
  • Track 26:35
  • Track 35:31
  • Track 93:44