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Fellahean is a Cleveland, Ohio subterranean industrial noise artist who revels in decay and collapse.

Harsh noise, low droning, metal scraping, and ear gouging is prevalent in his work.  

Fellahean has collaborated with Masami Akita (Merzbow), Steve Makita (Lockweld, Apartment 213, slMakita), Chris Dodge (Spazz, Slap a Ham Records), Eric Wood (Man is the Bastard, Bastard Noise) Buzz Boron (Duvlaby Brothers, Non Fiction), PJ Doran (Buda Kid), Andrew Nolan (Joshua Norton Cabal, The Endless Blockade), Stephen Kasner (Blood Fountains) among others. 

The below tracks appear on his Insignificant Scrap album, released on Fellacoustic Records. 

There are also some unreleased Fellahean tracks included as well. 

  • Track 14:54
  • Track 27:23
  • Track 34:56
  • Track 44:32
  • Track 54:47
  • Track 65:06
  • Track 63:37
  • Track 712:19
  • Track 83:28
  • Track 126:01
  • Track 13:58
  • Track 25:32
  • Track 34:28